UnderHill Farms Venison Products

Venison Products are priced by the pound, see our online store for current pricing. Here is a sampling of some of the venison products that we have to offer:

Venison Burger
Venison Patties
Venison Breafast Sausage
Venison Stew Meat
Venison Medallions
Venison Chops
Venison Roast (approx. 2-3 lb. each)
Venison German Sausage
Venison Ring of Bologna
Venison Carcass (cut to your specs.)
Venison Liver
Venison Heart
Venison Bratwurst
Venison Polish Sausage
Venison Sweet Italian Sausage
Venison Saddle
Venison 8-rib Frenched Rack
Venison Carver Leg
Venison Denver Leg
Venison Tenderloin
Venison Shortloin
Venison K-bobs

Elk: All Elk products are packaged in 1lb. packages and priced per pound except when noted.

Elk Patties
Elk Ground
Top Sirloin
Roast 3-4 lb packages
K C Strip
Stew meat
Carcass 200-250 lb
Elk Summer Sausage 12 oz
Elk Sausage 100 lb minimum
Elk Breakfast Sausage
Elk Brisket
Elk German Sausage
Elk Bratwurst

UnderHill Farms Snacks, Venison or Elk

Venison Jerky (whole muscle/reg. or hot/8oz.)
Venison Snack Sticks (reg. or hot/8oz.)
Venison Summer Sausage (12 oz.)

UnderHill Farms Samplers, Venison or Elk

Venison Cook-out Sampler
(2 lb. patties/2 lb. chops/2 lb. medallions)
Venison Sampler
(2 lb. burger/2 lb. stew meat/2 lb. sausage)
Venison Chef’s Sampler
(3 lb. burger/3 lb. medallions/2 lb. roasts)
Venison Chef’s Sampler II
(3 lb. medallions/3 lb. chops/3 lb. burger)
Venison Snack Sampler
(4 oz. sticks/4 oz. jerky/12 oz. summer sausage)
Sausage Sampler
(includes Breakfast, German, Polish, Sweet Italian, Brat, & Summer Sausage)