The Wild Side of the Inn!

Maxwell the elk at Underhill Farms


Welcome to Underhill Farms Country Inn and Fallow Deer Farm! I’m Maxwell, a North American Rocky Mountain Elk and I call this place home, along with 19 or so other elk and over 600 fallow deer. We enjoy our time out here in the pasture grazing on the hay and visiting with guests that drop by to say hello.

I invite you to come visit Underhill Farms next time you’re in the great state of Kansas. There’s lots to do and Wichita is just a half hour drive down the highway. Most folks just like to come to relax and escape the daily hassles of traffic jams, telephones, and business meetings.

Elk Calf at Underhill FarmsAt Underhill Farms, you can come hang out with us and we promise not to ask anything of you at all, (except I might occasionally nudge you to scratch behind my ear or feed me a little grain). If you can handle that kind of stress, come on out to Underhill Farms and let us put you to work!

Fallow Deer are some the most graceful residents of Underhill Farms. Though shy, they are beautiful to look at!

Visitors get the undivided attention of the deer. Groups of deer are not uncommon, and they aren’t at all against posing for pictures.

To make a reservation to hang out with Maxwell and the others, call (620) 345-8415 or send an Email Here